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Standard Salad Options


Dressed Mixed Leaf Salad

Tossed Mixed Salad

Tomato, Red Onion, Basil & Olive Oil Platter


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Premium Salad Options


Curried Rice Salad With Fresh Coriander

Cous Cous & Vegetable Salad

Russian Salad - Vegetables Bound In Vinaigrette


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Deluxe Salad Options


Waldorf Salad - Celery, Apple & Walnut
Oriental Chicken & Beansprout Salad
Nicoise Salad - Tuna, Fine Bean & Boiled Egg
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Lamb Spit Roast, Hog Roast, Pig Roast,

Mixed Spit Roast, Quad Roast

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Extra's Menu

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From The Spit
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Quad Roast
Our pigs for our hog roasts are sourced from a high quality local supplier, as are all the ingredients used for your event helping to support small local businesses in our area.